Sunday, March 28, 2010

Video, Take Two.

This is my second attempt to play the helicopter video of Ava.
I apologize if you already saw it but seeing as the back drop of this site is black
& the video shows up black it was missed by many.

It is important that you see the video because this is The Video.
The one I was transferring when I accidentally erased
my whole card full of WONDERFUL pictures.

Don't worry I am over that now.

I love the excitement on her face when John flies this thing.

She gets crazy happy.

But really the best way to show you how happy she gets it this...

Here is the video:
I know it just looks like a black box but please click the arrow anyway.

Here is Ava LICKING Daddy's face in her appreciation for playing helicopter with her.

She got in big trouble right after this happened,
she is sooo not allowed to lick people.
I think it is kind of cute,
when it is not happening to me that is. : )


Rhi said...

i love that John looks happy enough to be licked...and then she gets in trouble.