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We are having a lovely time visiting with Grandma Barby and Grandpa Bob.  We adore their new house.  Check out the view from their backyard at sunset. I love this picture, so sweet.  
Happy Weekend!  : )


This girl cracks us up. We adore her. Ava took this : ) Ava took this too. Fancy moves.

Girls got calls to make... And laundry baskets to hang out in. And grandma's headband to try on...
She's busy. 
:  )

Love this place.

We had a great day yesterday.  We met Lauren, Asher and Audrey up at Cooper Mountain Nature Park.  We started our fun off with a little hike, we walked the loop with the kids.  The uphill part, each with both our kids in the strollers, kicked our butts, in the best way.  : )

I just love hanging out with these people.  Such a fun day! We are so blessed to have such sweet

Our weekend.

We had a great weekend.  Bayli came for a visit, I just adore having her here.  We went to the library, got some great books and fed lots of ducks. This is a shirt I tried on at Ross, made me laugh, all I can think is "Wait? Why are you staring at my chest??!"  too funny, if it were just a little less metallic I could of loved it....  

We did some back to school shopping, swimming, game playing a lot of talking & catching up, it was perfect.  
John has been working like crazy lately, he barely had any time to enjoy his weekend but we did have a lovely dinner with Dad, Angi & Jessica on Sunday.  We had Thai food & organic white peach margaritas, it was really fun and delicious!! This is our last official week before Ava starts school, time to live it up!! I'm a little sad, my baby is growing up too fast, sniff, sniff.... We've had such a great Summer, and it's not over yet, time to enjoy the week!!

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!!
I've been not really taking many pictures lately.  For me, that is.  
This little girls been under the weather. She actually fell asleep on the floor, so unlike her.  
Here's a few photos around the yard, just having fun with my camera. : )

Got to throw in a few of these kids, you know me!
Have a great weekend!   We get Bayli, yay! : )