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There is a very good reason...

...Why we don't let Ava dress herself.

This is one prime reason why mothers
bribe their children.

She will wear what I choose!

Good thing I have control issues,
she will thank me later.

Ava, little mommy.

Ava is such a sweet girl, she really loves her baby.
She is quite motherly with her. She takes really
good care of her. I am impressed.
However, when it comes to nursing,
she gets a bit frustrated.
But really? Who can blame her?

Norah Talking

Pretty sure Norah thinks we are both crazy.

Oh well, truth hurts.

House MD

It all started out so innocent.
Then the crazy doctor came on the scene.
You know, there is one in every bunch.
The girl doctors seemed to take the gentle approach.
Until things took a turn, I was a bit concerned.
Apparently these kids watch House.
I began to not only fear the safety of the patient,
...but also the safety of my baby, innocently watching
this tragic turn of events.
I guess it was touch and go for a minute but
the drill really paid off. The patient survived.
The girls celebrated by becoming princesses.

I like this picture because even though Morgan
ended up tackling Ava to get the shot, Ava never stopped
smiling. Katharina says this is the sign of a true model.
They are pretty cute, good thing because it quickly
became evident that they will not be becoming
real doctors when they grow up.
If they don't take my advice on that one I hope
they at least get the malpractice insurance.
Norah was getting tired from all the worry over
becoming their next victim.
Fortunately she woke up so I …

Spring Break

It really isn't my spring break but for some it was
and consequently Rachel & her two beautiful
daughters got to run away to the beach with me
and my girls for the night.

This is Hanna, she was great with Norah,
she also played endlessly with Ava.
Gotta love that!!
A smile? She is a pretty serious baby but a few
smiles creep in every now and then.
I love how they circle her with wonder.
How cute is that? I love the look on Hanna's face.
We had a lovely evening of just relaxing and catching
up over a glass of wine.

The next day before the girls had to bail we went
on a little walk down to the beach.

We had tried to go the day before but just as we
got everyone ready we stepped outside and it began
to rain. We just weren't up for it, we turned right
back around and went inside.
Beautiful Victoria, check out that blue sky!
This was Norah's first trip down to the sand.
This picture almost looks like she is enjoying it.
But don't let her fool you, she really was NOT HAPPY:
The g…

What a lovely weekend!

As always we had a great time with John's Parents.
They adore Ava and are quite smitten with the new
little one...
Barbie is so good with babies.
It was so nice to be able to hand Norah off in to
her capable hands and do fun things like shower!
Or cook! Or clean!

I know that sounds like sarcasm but I am serious!!
I miss those normal day to day things.
I still "get" to do them they are just so much more
complicated to accomplish these days. It is tricky.

Bob loves these girls too : )
He read approximately 553 books over the weekend.
We went out to breakfast at my work, that was fun &
delicious and Norah even slept through all the excitement.
We got in quite a few good rounds of pinochle
and some not so good rounds too.

Daddy still got some daddy time.
Ava got to play with her beloved phone.

We went on a nice walk to the park which
required bundling up Norah in the cutest little thing:
She got her second chance at the Bjorn, the first
shot didn't go so well.
I tried facing her out for…

Messy Hair

We are having a very nice weekend.
Bob & Barbie (John's parents) are here visiting.
These pictures have absolutely nothing to do with that.

Check out Ava's messy hair.
She is a phone addict, can someone please buy
her her own phone? We are also addicts so she is
cutting into our stash or time as the case may be.
At least she is cute.
She has that going for her.
Although she is not always cute.
This one?
Be. Still. My. Heart.
Yikes, this is some SERIOUS cute.
I know I have said that before but seriously,
the stakes are getting higher, brace yourself:
We have smiles!!
Love that, really helps make the 763
poopy diapers a day worth it : )
Messy hair times two!
The lovely D'Auna,
pretty soon to be holding her own sweet little girl!
I know, we have a theme here.
This was her St. Patrick's Day outfit, although it
isn't looking super green in these pictures.
And she looks kind of mad.
Probably pooping, that is what she does.
763 times a day, but I think I mentioned that.
Both girls, I l…