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Big Weekend!!

We had a busy weekend. 
On Friday John, along with Matt, Erik, & Brian, had a great time at Brew Fest downtown, while the kiddos stayed over at Linda's and I went on an all night de-cluttering kick, cleaning the girls room, among other parts of the house.  I sure know how to live it up on my big night with the house all to myself!  But it's always such a good feeling to get it all back in order, love that!  
We had to get up early, and after breakfast together, the boys (John, Matt, Erik & Greg) headed out to Washougal National motocross racing event, and I headed to Jessica's to help her move.   The truck she got was cracking me up, it was HUGE.  I think we could have had a dance party in there after all the stuff *magically* got in there.  By the way, hiring movers is BRILLIANT.  
A big thank you to Linda for watching the kiddos and keeping them so well entertained all day!! 

We worked, and didn't stop until 3am, but we got EVERY SINGLE BOX unpacked, the pla…

Date Night

Here's a few more shots from our date night last week to Benihanas.  These are the ones from my camera : ) This will also be my final catch up post, as I have been not taking many pictures in an effort to get all caught up...yay!

Love these guys and Benihanas!  So much fun to go together!!

Church Playdate

Here's some shots from our CCPDX playdate we held on Tuesday.  This was our best turn out yet!  Of course it didn't come with out a few little snags, the park we had organized to meet up in had a group of adults holding a meeting in a very dry fountain.  Back in the carseats and several phone calls later we rerouted the people meeting us and moved the party down the road, to a fountain that was on.  : )

It all worked out!  I love downtown, so fun!

Total Randomness.

Life has been busy. I am so far behind on my blogging that I'm just going to do a little phone picture dump, in no particular order...
 This is from a recent beach trip where my mom and her siblings got together with their cousins.  It was really fun.  We had dinner over at a beach house down the street and it's garage was stocked full of fun things, a pool table, ping pong, air hockey, darts, you name it!  The kids loved it!  We rented a kayak on D Lake and a big group of us got to go out together, the kids loved that too!  Check out all the fish!
 We got to meet up with Gail for s'mores too!  The kids were a little crazy and emotional but we still had a good time.   On the way home from the fire I was carrying Norah when she said to me "You know mom, some people don't have legs and they can't walk." I smiled at her and said "Yes, and some people do have legs, should they walk?"  She thinks on this a second and then says "If we see a per…

Hiking with my love...

John & I have gotten so many great opportunities to spend time together lately, it's been awesome!! Here are some photos from our hike the other day...

 Latourell Falls

 Bridal Veil 

 Cruz Room
 Our second happy hour view...PCG It was a fun filled day where we hiked a few different areas and hit up two happy hours, doesn't get much better than that!  : )