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Low Key Saturday

Today is a rainy Saturday. We are going to hit up Lowes
for some paint and see if we can tackle the kitchen.
That project is moving in slow motion but it is moving...

Ava likes these rainy days as long as she gets to splash
in puddles, that is all she asks.

Tomorrow is Halloween so we can jump back into
super hero mode then. Our Halloween started on Thursday,
so in a way it feels over already. I don't think I could handle
Halloween if we celebrated it 4 days in a row.

Ava keeps pulling each piece of candy out of her bucket
and asking "Is this one good for me?"
Um no, none of them are.
John & I better eat them up quick,
save her from all this bad for you candy.
That is pretty much our job, right?

Halloween Party: Can you handle all this cute???

Here is Ava doing some of her Wonder Woman impressions.
Not that she actually knows who Wonder Woman is.
Regardless, she is super stoked about this costume.
Super powers come in handy you know.
I don't even remember what exactly WW can do,
but I was a faithful watcher of the show.
Did that just age me? Oh well.
Ready to go to the party!
Jessica's office throws the best Halloween parties.
This is Ava's 3rd year attending.
I love my little super hero.
Who's great idea was black frosting??
I can assure you, it wasn't mine.
Auntie Jessica
Sisters : )
More frosting casualties.
Such a fun party!!
She loves her auntie!
Even the devil gets a hug.
Balloons and bubbles, does life get any better??
I really can't get over the amount of cute.
Best. Costume. Ever.

99, Not just for beer.

Do you see that?? See that little ticker pregnancy thing
Rhi made me add to this blog? It just hit 99 days. I think we
are in the home stretch people.

Yesterday the cutest things came in the mail,
2 pairs of the sweetest little Pediapeds for baby Norah.

The first is called Katelyn Silver, so adorable!
The second is super special to me because when Ava
was born John really wanted me to find something in
pink camo for her. I never found anything I thought
was cute or came in her size. I found these online:

Jane Pink Camo
By the way, Norah is moving like crazy all the time.
She already cracks me up. If she kicks I will push
back on my tummy and she will kick back again.
This little game goes on and on.
She likes to play with me : )

See No Evil

Stickers have so many uses.
She doesn't need to see to know she looks cute.
In fact, this is her favorite way to play the piano.
Maybe she is a Stevie Wonder fan?
Now I just need a sticker for her sassy little mouth : )

Being Two is Tough!

There are many tough decisions to make when you
are two years old. Life can get kind of tricky.
Today Ava is faced with the age old question-which
sunglasses does a girl wear??
Hummm purple, pink or white.
This is a tough one. I just don't know.
These white ones make me giggle.
Although these purple ones are pretty nice too...
I don't want to make this decision too hastily,
what if pink is really the answer??
Yep, we have a winner.
Now for the next dilemma, what ever should I wear today??

Making Room for Norah

Back when I was pregnant with Ava I was obsessed
with making her room perfect. It was simple, neutral
and cute as a button. Having it ready brought me peace.

She wasn't even here yet and she already had
more clothes then me. She was so organized!

Her crib she wouldn't sleep in for FOUR months
sat waiting for her to grace it with her presence.

See that little sign above the window? I made that for
Ava, I just went back to the store to buy the materials
to make one for Norah and they don't sell any of it anymore!
So sad...
Here is her closet, FULL of clothes, that is aside from
the dresser full of them too! Yikes! I tell you, it is a sickness.
This closet was perfect for one kid, but two? Not so much.

Today my wonderful husband took the rack out and hung
in much higher and also added an additional rack below.
Instantly room to hang more clothes! It also made for an
extra shelf in the middle for all those little girl shoes.

Now I can hang clothes all across that middle part too!
The c…

Dirty Little Secret

So as part of my nesting instincts or maybe just my normal
pull towards sanity I have been freaking out about how
unorganized our house feels. How on earth are we going
to fit a whole other person into this house??

I know you might be thinking, that person will be really small
right? Uh no. Babies take up more room then anyone. They
have swings, cribs, car seats, bouncy chairs, highchairs, boppys,
toys, a full wardrobe & all sorts of other random baby paraphernalia.

So like any totally rational pregnant person, I am freaking out!!
I mentioned this to my good friend Rachel when I was at her
house last week and she suggested she come over and help
me get organized. Really who am I to say no? I need some
serious help. All week in preparation for her coming I have
been organizing and cleaning everything I can get my hands
on. With the exception of my closet. I decided to leave that
one for us to concur as a team. It needed a team.

The problem with my closet is that it is filled with clothes…