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The last few days...

We spent the last few days in Government Camp.
It's funny how the town changes, now that it is
Summer the town is packed full of kids at skateboard
camps & ski camps. Teenagers everywhere.

Aside from a few short walks around town we
mostly just stayed home & played with the girls.
We wanted to go to Trillium Lake but the weather
wasn't really cooperating.

Norah is sitting up now!! She isn't 100% stable yet
but getting better every day. I love this stage!!
It is so fun to have an empty house with no TV,
you play so many more games then you might
otherwise. Soccer, bowling, memory, tag, forts,
the list is endless, so many fun things to think up.
Just laying on the floor has it's moments too : )
Ava had a great time!
She ran and ran and ran.
Love this girl.
Ok, a little technology sneaking in,
lessons on Plants VS Zombies on the iPad.
I have never played this game which made it extra
funny to listen to mom explaining it to Ava.
Baby in a basket!
Can you see her 2 little teeth?
Why ye…

A few recent photos...

Here are just a bunch of random photos from
recent days.

This was taken on Father's Day, so cute,
hanging with dad, playing video games.
She's a rock star!
And oh so dramatic...
It's hard sharing your people.
Linda is quite smitten with little miss Norah.
But what's not to love?
Ava got her first taste of boys chasing her & teasing
her at the park the other day, much older boys.
Strange that they would even waste their time with
a three year old.
I don't think she thought anything of it,
why wouldn't they want to play with me right?
She ended up with her favorite guy.
Here are the girls, playing on our bed.
I think it is so cute the way Ava takes care of Norah.
Here she is helping Norah sooth her little teeth.
And the littlest one just can't get enough of Ava.
The best sound in the world to me is Ava making
Norah laugh. She can really get her going until
we are all in tears laughing so hard.
Gotta love that. : )

Twice as Awesome.

This girl sure does like the bath.
Good thing cause she gets so dirty!
I swear she single handedly creates about a load of laundry
And her clothes are tiny so it really doesn't make sense.

Can you see her two bottom teeth?
They are there, me & my nipples can assure you this.
Little chick BITES HARD.
You can't really begrudge this face for anything though,
I love her little giggle!
Way too much cuteness.
When Norah wakes up from her naps, often Ava
will insist on going in there first, she likes to climb
into the crib. This works out great for me, it buys
me a few more minutes and makes Norah wake
up happy, she loves it, Ava is clearly her favorite person.
She watches her nonstop.
Ava is getting a bit more jealous of Norah now that
Norah is so engaging and people get caught up
with her more then they used to but she still
adores her. I think she likes being her favorite.

It's just so fun having two of them!
My heart is overflowing.

Oh Summer, We Missed You!!

Yesterday was the first glorious day of summer,
and what do you know, it was actually summer-like
outside!! 83 Degrees!

We decided to start the day off with a swim,
as you can see, Ava was READY!!
Not just any day of swimming, but Norah's very first
REAL pool experience.
She has been watching Ava swim each week for
and oh so patiently waiting her turn.

Yes, she has sat in our kiddie pool, but she wanted
a piece of the REAL action.
She even got her tan on for the occasion.
The lovely Miss Bayli joined us on our first summer swim.
Norah started the festivities with a relaxing float
around the pool.
Ava was all over the place. She did great except for
a little issue with total over-confidence.
The girl thinks she can swim WAY better then she
can = total danger.
Ryeli joined us too, she impressed Ava with her handstands.
Norah was so excited to get out of the floaty and
kick her way through the pool. She was in heaven.

I decided today was the day, she must be dunked.
She either will still l…


I have so many great photos to share,
maybe even good stories to tell.
However all I want to do is sleep.

I'm tired. So many months of tiredness.
I think it's finally catching up with me.

Hopefully it's catching up with this chick too,
if I could just get her sleeping through the night...
This one spoiled me for so long, going to bed at 8ish,
sleeping in until 10am.
Love her.
Someday I will have them both properly trained.
And I will sleep...

And then? I suppose I will need to wake them
up early for school...there is always something. : )

Wish me luck on getting them both to embrace
their inner teenager, this "sleeping like a baby"
crap is getting old!!!