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Catching Up...

Here's a bunch of phone photos over the last few weeks...  They love Trader Joe's, find the monkey, get a sucker.  I keep 2 monkeys with me at all times...  Always dressing up.  Running with friends.  Love them, Sunday mornings on the waterfront are the best!  Jessica and Dhati came kayaking with us recently, that was Jessica's first time and our first time meeting Dhati, he was great!
 Sisters, always playing something...  Or reading.  The queen, a role they fight over.  She dressed herself in this, love it.  Emalynn, love her!!  Homemade ice cream I wanted to eat but couldn't.  Fun at our family float up at Scott & Vivienne's  The first round of tomatoes  This girl has been staying up until past midnight reading several nights as of late.  How ever will she adjust back to the school schedule??  Love that she loves reading so much though...  Hair cuts  : )  Bella & Aiden, love them.  My brain can't wrap around twins!  Lovely Kate stopped by for a vi…

Beach Love

We had a fun little visit with the cousins at the beach house, what a treat!