Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Little Sunshine

We start our day with tickling.
Ava needs LOTS of tickles.

She is not allowed to tickle me though.
She knows better.

I love that look.

We have been hitting the parks lately,
the weather has been PERFECT!

Then off to Great Papa's...

Ava loves the new Easter scene outside his neighbor's front door.

This is the inside of Grandpa's apartment.

Great Papa's walker is where you can usually find Ava.

She even lucked out and he gave her a ride all the way back up to the room.

She has quite the fondness for the elevator too.

Well and the stairs now that I think about it.

She adores the FAKE duck outside.

She pretty much likes everything, even ice cream,
which she claimed to dislike forever.
I tricked her into eating some and she loved it.
Why did I do that?
I have NO idea.

Here is Little Miss No Nap, falling asleep on the job again.

Now off to work for me.

Ava is very busy too,
she says she needs to go to Target.

We need cat food.
I didn't even know we were out.
Did Oreo make her say that??

She can drive this little car like a champ this year,
last summer she could only go backwards.

I thought Target was her favorite store although now that she
discovered she can push her own little cart at Trader Joe's
that might have been bumped up to her top pick.
The girl loves to shop.
Like mother, like daughter.


guzzi guy said...

Looking at Ava in her tank top and out the window here at Fall River with snow coming down doesn't seem like a match...

Sarah said...

Either did yesterday's weather. Where did our Summer go? Today looks a little more hopeful. This weather just can't make up it's mind. Build us a snowman... :)

My Life As Mom said...

She's so cute! Glad you guys are busy and having fun! Isn't it great weather we're having?! I love it!

Tracy said...

I love mommy's pig tails! Oh, and the shopping carts at Trader Joes.. Sam loves them, but my shins.. not so much!