Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Advice Please.

I need a new camera. Not because I don't LOVE my camera but John needs a new one and it only makes sense to give him the old one for work and "upgrade" the one that takes pictures of our favorite subject, Ava. (It is all scratched up & there is a permanent dark circle on the screen from dropping it several times)

The camera I usually use is this: Canon PowerShot SD870

We picked up another Canon PowerShot at Costco recently (I can't remember which one) and had no luck with it, took it back. Really it is very similar to this new one I got yesterday.

These photos were all taken with the Canon PowerShot SD1300

Some of the pictures are good, some suck, but overall they seem too dark.
What do you think?

We had a play date today. Another great photo opportunity for one who things
everything is a great photo opportunity.

This is Amelie.
Notice the photo is kind of dark.

Here is Lily, and then Ava, both totally blurry but hardly moving.

The next attempt is better but I am still not impressed with the coloring.
It looks way too dark around the edges and brighter in the middle:

Gotta get the tongue in there, always cracks me up.
And here is Oreo, nice crisp picture.
The edges again, dark but I cut most of them off after I cropped it.

Here are a few more play date examples:

This is baby Ben,
lets all take a moment to take in those curls.

Notice how dark they are?
This is all done in the same settings as my old camera.
Similar camera, totally different result.

Here are a few more pet photos:

On the "bright" side you can see every hair on Lily in the above photo
but the next one a bit blurry, again.

What is really funny is when I went to make the link to "our" camera I realized it cost more like $500 so maybe this should explain everything to me.

Maybe you can't buy a perfect camera for $200,
maybe I am just expecting too much.

I hope not.

I want to stick with pretty basic point & shoot
around $200 range.

What camera do you recommend?

Oh and Dad, I know you like your Panasonic, can I borrow it for a few hours and see if it works for chasing an adorable, fast, crazy two-year-old?


guzzi guy said...


Rhi said...

this seems familiar to me...I had an Ixy aka the Japanese version of the Canon Elf and I LOVED it. When it did a little swimming during our first anniversary I got a Powershot 1200 IS and I have to say it just isn't the same. I rarely manage to get a non-blurry picture. But when I get a good one it seems quite good. I feel like there is a big delay between me pushing the button and it taking the picture so I often miss the "moment" this isn't really helpful to you except to say I'm in your boat!

Sarah said...

YES! That is exactly the boat. No solution yet. My mom swears that my camera didn't cost $550 like that link says, more like $250. Funny it would go UP two years later. I have no solution yet but I will let you know if I ever find "The One."

Maggie May said...

Your little guy has such beautiful hair!

Tracy said...

Mike sells some cameras at his work.. you should go check them out. I like my camera.. if I could figure out which setting to use! And I think he got our for a couple hundred buck a couple years ago.. it's a Panasonic DMC-FZ8 Lumix with 10 different settings, including video. He can get them closer to cost (: