Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Love My Job

I have a request.
I never get requests over what I should blog about
so I suppose now that I have one I should honor it.

Yesterday my Step Dad John text me. If you know John, that last sentence in itself would cause you to take pause. He has more of a way with silence then he has with words (I am not saying he NEVER talks, just add Tequila, it helps). He certainly NEVER texts me. He may never text me again now that I am going to share with you what he said but hell with it, here goes anyway.

What is a blog for if not for over-sharing right????

"No Reedville Cafe content on your blog? Is there no restaurant drama? Bus people arguing with dishwasher over the table clearing? Cooks upset with servers over orders and delivery? Parties after close? Good tips and bad tips, video poker winners, we want the inside view!

That would make a fun blog entry I think, lol.

I like your workplace. It's why I always ask mom to take me there. And I like your service a lot.You are good at what you do and I enjoy seeing how you manage the "show", I worked in food service once, so it is a professional compliment. Have a great burger madness Monday! I was just a poor abused dishwasher who for some reason are at the bottom of the pecking order. But we have our ways to get even...What, no clean soup spoons? Where could they be? Oh look, here in the bottom of my munge filled sink. I will get right on that after you quit throwing shit willy nilly at me cause you too busy to cope..."

He is pretty funny. He should text me more often.

There should be work drama right? But really it's not too bad. These people are great. I love them, some MUCH LESS then others but I really do love them. I work at The Reedville Cafe. It is a little family owned restaurant that has been around for at least 60 years. After working in chain restaurants that were full of micro-management, bull-shit hoop jumping and flare I just about want to curl up and die with happiness over how NOT LIKE THAT this place is.
Drama? Yes I am sure there is. I really do my best not to go there. I have worked in restaurants for over 15 years (wow, great, now I sound OLD!) and I have let myself get sucked in to the drama. But not anymore! I won't do it!! I do like gossip and any tid-bit I can get my ears in on I am SO THERE but I try not to get sucked in.

Tips? I wish tips didn't affect me so much. I KNOW I am a great server. I enjoy "putting on my show" I love "wowing" the pants off of people I serve. I want them to leave and be like DAMN THAT SERVER ROCKED!!! SHE WAS THE BEST SERVER WE HAVE EVER HAD!!! Ok, yes, I MAY be a little competitive. I just want to win! Oh and be the FIRST car, but that is another story.

Getting a bad tip is the ultimate insult. It can really bring me down. I am working on that though. I find that at the end of the night, or the end of the week, that ONE table really isn't that important in the big scheme of things. I can let it affect my mood but WHY AM I?? It only makes me grouchy and I would rather be the girl that can just laugh it off.

Even though I love my job I think it could easily go in the other direction if I have to work much more then I do. As it is I currently work 3 nights a week, all times when John can be with Ava. I don't really believe in daycare as I am trying to suck in every second I have with Miss Ava while I still have her all nice and little. I don't think I could be happy at work if I knew she was with anyone else. I like forcing a little one on one time with the two of them. My little momma's girl is becoming equally a daddy's girl and that makes me sooo happy.

Today is my Friday. Yay! Not that my week is long but I really do enjoy not working too : )

I know I didn't get into any good juicy drama but I will try to work on that in the future, if and when any happens.

And John? The soup spoons? They always wash them for me. Our dishwasher is a bit of a flirt.


My Life As Mom said...

That is hilarious! I love it!

Rhi said...

That has to be the best step-father text ever. I dig it. I'm so glad you have a job you enjoy and that you are able to only work when John can be with Ava. I would say how lucky and nice that worked out-but I know you; you wouldn't have it any other way :) Till the day I die I will feel blessed and lucky that you watched Tyler for me while I finished working in Portland. It is the only time I have truly not worried about him when I wasn't with him....

Sarah said...

Oh Rhi, thank you & that makes me really sad. I hate to think of you worrying about him now. I think grandma should retire so she can hang out with him if you need to work! :) I love and MISS you both!!!!