Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Playing Catch Up...

I know I haven't been blogging much.  I'm having camera issues and life has just been a bit busy.  So here I am, back with a phone photo catch-up...We are currently in Government Camp, on Spring Break.  These pictures start today and go back to the last update...
This morning Ava looked outside and saw nothing but snow.  She decided she was going to ski down the driveway.  No one else was interested in going out there, but we were all thrilled to watch her from the warmth of the indoors, through the window.  She got all geared up, all on her own, grabbed her skis and started the hike up the long driveway. 
When she had made it about three quarters of the way up she jumped off the road into someone's driveway, we all tried to see why she had done that, wondering if there was a car coming or something, as there is rarely traffic on this road.  Sure enough, the very worst kind of car was coming, the snow plow!!  He breezed down and shoveled all that snow away, and if that wasn't bad enough, a second one followed him down and got any remnants he failed to get in the first swoop.  We all stood there with our jaws on the ground, wondering how devastated Ava must be feeling in that moment.  She was pretty sad, poor girl!
Uncle Jeff made her feel better!
Here she is ready for Grandma's house, little pink riding hood...
Cousin shot!  We all went on a fun night out to see Cinderella, the movie this time, it was great!  
Here's a shot of Ava up at the ski lodge on Monday.  
Norah stayed home with me, since her head was spinning around that morning.  
These are some shots from the kids over-night at Linda's while we had our date last Friday night.

How fun is this??
Abby is such a good sport!
Saturday morning Mariah and I went on our longest run yet, 23 miles.  Bring on the taper!! 
Sadly, Ava ended up back in the hospital on Tuesday of last week, she was having some more asthma issues.  We are hoping staying on a steroid for a year may turn this around for her. Poor sweetie!!
This was as we were leaving the hospital, this woman was singing and Ava really enjoyed listening to her.  Afterwards she told her how beautiful her voice was, totally made the woman's day, it was pretty sweet.
We had a lovely weekend with Bob and Barby the weekend before, they were here to celebrate John's birthday with us.  

Daddy is a good sport!
The girls were so thrilled to have Grandma come to church with them!
So Norah.
Saturday morning I got to sneak away for a race, it was so fun! 

I was super happy with my time, I even got 1st place in my age group, yay!  Of course that has more to do with who shows up that day, any other race and that could of just as easily been 48th place, but  I will take it!  Haha.
Angie and I right after.  : )
Our little ballerinas!
Always putting on a show!
Love time with Grandma & Grandpa!!
Summer & Mariah, I love my running friends!
Love these sweet sisters too!  Four happy girls post ballet class.  Norah isn't part of the class but she likes to dress the part anyway...
She is silly after all.
John and I got to go to Benihana's for his birthday, such a nice date night!!

Love this one with all four of us, great way to end things!  

Until next time...

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Anniversary Beach Weekend

John & I got to sneak away for the weekend for our anniversary last weekend.  We hit the nine year mark March 4th.  : )
We decided to drive south and hike through Cape Perpetua, which is two miles outside of Yachats.
It is such a beautiful area and fun to hike in a new spot!

There is a spot here called Thor's Well, I've seen some pretty cool pictures of it online, like this one:
The tide wasn't really favorable to see it in all its glory, and you have to be a little crazy to get down there anyway so we took a pass on that one.  Good thing we have the internet to help us see it all close and pretty!

Don't be scared, he is stuffed...

So much beauty in this world, so fun to explore it!

We were blessed with perfect weather.  

We even grabbed a bottle of wine, 2 beach chairs and our books and just sat on the beach and soaked it all in.  What a great weekend! 

Happy Nine Years My Love!!

I am so very grateful for you, for us, for this family we have created. 

Love you.