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Wintery Fun

The other day we actually got some snow.
Not saying it was anything substantial but it was
enough to get our girl all excited...
She put on her snow bibs and squeezed herself
into last years snow boots and begged to go outside.

I was having none of it myself, it was too darn cold!

She kept saying "I need skis!! Call Grandma!"

I tried to explain to her we would need a bit more
snow then a light dusting to actually be able to ski.
I don't think she was buying it.

She did get cold pretty quickly and decided she was
ready to be warm again.

There is nothing more warming then jammies
and a tutu, don't you know...
Her shirt says "My heart belongs to Daddy"

Pretty cute

Ava is getting really excited about snow and winter
and all things Christmas.

Everywhere we turn she sees lights and trees
and Christmas type things.

And when you get this girl going on Christmas,
she starts getting really excited about her birthday too!

Thanksgiving at the Beach

Ava has been chomping at the bit, waiting oh so
impatiently for Thanksgiving to be here.

She knew we were heading to the beach to be with
our family. She loves spending time with our family.
We all do, they are pretty amazing.
It's funny how Ava's loyalty shifts, first it seems like the adults
are her favorite, then Abby arrives and all of her attention goes to Abby.
Then an even shorter person arrives, like Colton and it all switches to him.
Ava LOVES playing with Colton. I'm not saying they get along
famously every minute, but she forgives their issues, putting the
bigger picture first. One minute she will come tattling on Colton
saying "He is being really mean!" We offer for her to play with us
instead and she says "No, he is a little bit nice too,
I'm going to play with him"

Two turtles: There was a lot of Hide & Seek happening
Tiffani & John peeling potatoes
Ava takes over the photography for a few pictures,
here is Chris & D'Auna

Our Girl...

Last night my Mom & Linda, the self proclaimed "Party Sluts" came over late in the night to play games & drink wine. I love my family, as you can see, this is where I get it...anyhow the subject of Ava came up, who much to her own genes following this late night trend, was long ago fast asleep, forced bedtimes, what can you do?

After many funny antidotes about things Ava does and says Linda was encouraging me to take videos of all the crazy things that Ava comes up with. I'm not sure that is at all possible considering the fact that there are far too many moments to capture, but I suppose I could do a better job of writing them down here.

So Ava who are you at the young age of two, quickly approaching three???
Your personality is exuberant! You charm the pants off of anyone you come across. When people come over you have wonderful hostess qualities, you thank them for coming, tell them you really missed them & that you love them so much. When they are leavi…

Ava's First Time Bowling

We were going to go on a nice walk,
but even us Oregonians don't always feel like walking in the rain.
So instead?
We traded in the rain boots for these:
The smallest bowling shoes I have ever seen.

Ava was thrilled!! She had never been bowling
before but she knew right away it was something
she wanted to do...
Mom & Linda were excited too.
Ava's first try and she didn't even hit the bumpers!
Had she had any gusto in it I think she would
of gotten a strike!
Here we are rooting her on:
She was so proud.
She wanted to do it all herself, we had to convince her
to let us help. That ball wouldn't feel so good dropping on
her toes...
She cheered if you did well and would say
"You were robbed!!" if it didn't go your way.
Grandma & Aunt Linda, two of her favorites : )
Is it my turn yet??
She eventually got bored of bowling and moved
on to dancing all over the place.
This baby ain't no joke people.
What a wonderful way to break up the afternoon,
and with smiles lik…

Lowering My Expectations

My expectations for Ava are huge! I want her to do what I say when I say it, I want the response I am looking for. I want her to understand and remember what I have told her and apply it to the next situation. Is that too much to ask??

Sadly, I think the answer is yes. : )

Yesterday I had a conversation with Katharina regarding the stages Ava is going through right now. She gave me some good advice. She reminded me something that I often forget...Ava is only two years old. Is she? Are you sure? I swear she acts much older then that. But really, it is important that I remember that and give the girl a little slack. Ava is amazing, hilarious, caring, loving, helpful, fun, a true miracle and blessing in our lives.

She is also frustrating beyond belief, crazy, illogical, sensitive to a fault and deliberately annoying. But she is only two! I need to forgive her for not being perfect, not saying I should expect perfection any other year but I need to take a step back and not g…

Getting out of the house = much better!

Just as I suspected, keeping Ava a bit busier was the
key to her happiness, and consequently, my own.
Friday we got up early and headed out to meet up with
Mom, Linda and a little girl that Linda watches on Fridays.

Ava was a joy to be around the entire day.
We went out to breakfast, then took the kids swimming.
Ava blew the 5 year old away with her swimming skills.
All day I just couldn't get over this outfit,
dying over the cuteness!
Ava met a friend, Evan.
Turned instant play-date.
We still haven't figured out the other issues
but as far as constant fits, getting Ava out of the house
seems to be the answer.
Still awaiting advice on the rest of it...