A Weekend in Pictures

 We had a lovely weekend filled with wedding showers,
fun barbeques in the park & dinner parties with friends.
 Love my Sister!!
 Camille, the beautiful bride to be.
I was thrilled to see her aggressively break ribbons
left & right, love me some babies!!! 
 Jessica is so photogenic!

 Little Alayah


 Ava loves Ella.

 Swing fun!

 Love little Lily Belle

 Cadie's newest love, Isla
 I affectionately refer to this as the 
"this isn't our first baby" hold.  : )
 Sweet sleeping baby.  I wish my baby would
sleep in my arms!!

 Chocolate cake!
 Love my Brother & Sister!!!
 What are they looking at??
 Must of been a good one...
I'm scared.
One of my favorite parts was hanging out with my Sister,
love her so much.

The best part was my husband.
I don't generally ask too much of John on the weekends,
I know he has worked his butt off all week and needs
a break and a chance to get things done.
But THIS weekend I asked something of him nearly
every second and he did it all, with a smile on his face.

Love him.

We also had Henry, Sara, Erik, Tiffani & Colton 
over for dinner tonight, super fun, but I took no
pictures.  WHAT?  I know, I can't explain it.

Great weekend, hope yours was too : )