Two Minnies.

 Picking Norah up.  That is Ava's thing 
right now.  She wants to carry her everywhere.
 It doesn't make me nervous at all...
 It's actually really cute.  She just loves Norah
so much.  

I'm not saying I haven't seen Ava sneak in a push or a 
smack when she thinks I'm not looking, but most of
the time she is super sweet to her, at that's pretty good right?
 Of course she had to put the ears on Norah too.
 Norah didn't mind a bit.
 Sweet sisters.  

I wonder if Ava would be so head over heals in love 
with her little sister if I HADN'T threatened her life 
each time she was mean to her?  

Oh well, too late, hard to say now....


Definitely remind them of this when they're teenagers some day :-)