Fun with Friends

We have some pretty cute friends, 
and we LOVE our friends. 

This is baby Georgia, so cute!!!
 Norah hugs the ones she loves, so sweet.
Some other good friends of ours are these boys, 
Max & Nate.

Ava has a great idea.
 She has decided not only does she want to marry
Nate (She's known that for years) but now she's 
decided Norah needs to marry Max too.
 How cute would that be?
 They clearly have chemistry.
 She is feeding him a cheerio, complete with her mouth
open saying "aaaaaa", so funny!

Love our little friends!!


Nain said… have to watch it with those girls! They're going to be two heartbreakers!

So I got home yesterday after one of those awful, awful days, and I had the best package from you! It made my day, seriously. Love the shoes and jacket. I'll have to post pictures when Aubrey wears it! Thank you!
Sarah said…
You're welcome! I'm glad you like them :)