Week One.

So it's officially been a week since I started "Running".
I'm not able to take that word out of quotes yet
but I do believe that YET is the operative word.

You can catch up on my first thoughts on running HERE 

Since then, I have gone every single day.

Here is what I have noticed so far:

I still can't run the whole way. 

But I'm dying less.

I'm eating better; more frequently, smaller,
less carbs, less calories, drinking more water.

I'm listening to a new (to me) awesome podcast 
that I love, it gives me that same great feeling of 
reading a wonderful book. (This American Life)

I've also started doing a routine Billy recommended,
20 squats, 30 lunges, 40 toe touches (all with weights), 
50 second wall squat and 100 jumping jacks.
It's awful.  But I love it.  

I haven't lost a single pound.  And that's OK.  

My lungs are getting stronger, I'm getting stronger. 

And last but not least...

I feel really proud of myself.

And for right now, that is enough.

Please wish me luck & perseverance as the
next 5 days of  weather appear to be all rain,
if I can just get a little break in the morning to go
I will be super happy : )


guzzi guy said…
Go Sarah, go!!!
kahli said…
Props to you Sarah!! Congratulations for sticking with it. Thats what its all about....consistancy. And thank you for the inspiration. I so need it right now!!! Good luck in week 2 :-)

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