Love them, BUT....

Norah is killing me. 

I forgot how whiny this age is.

Not getting your way is DEVASTATING.

These kids, Norah won't stop whining, Ava won't 
leave me alone for a second.  I think she is worried
Norah might be dominating my time so she makes 
a preemptive strike and dominates all of it herself.

They drive me nuts, but it's a good nuts, and I 
wouldn't trade it for the world.

It just requires one or two of these, by breakfast...


But Mom, you just don't understand how hard it is to be Norah! :-) That's how i feel when Aubrey is throwing a crying fit. It must be so tough to have everything taken care of for you...couldn't imagine how you do it with 2! You deserve one of those beverages, that's for sure!