Basket of TROUBLE.

These kids are driving me crazy.

And it has nothing to do with the fact 
that I couldn't ever get them both to look
at me at the same time for these photos.
 No, I'm talking about stubborn, naughtiness that
is just too much.  I tell Ava to do something and she
just looks at me and says "No.  I'm NOT doing that."
 What?  How is that possibly acceptable??  I don't understand
why she is not more scared of me yet?!  I try so hard....: )
 But seriously, she is so difficult right now.  
You know how I made her those cool school 
books that she could use dry erase on, she is 
now acting like it's a fate worse then death if 
I try to get her to work on them.  I wanted her 
to love doing them, she actually did at first.
 I have been also working on getting her to do 
something, anything, independently.  She is pinned
to me ALL. DAY. LONG.  She used to sit and read 
books to herself, now she thinks the suggestion of that
is the worst idea ever too. 

 I want her to have a quiet time by herself while Norah
 is napping, not the whole time but for like a half an 
hour and she threw the biggest fit over the whole idea. 
"But Mom!!  I don't want to do that!!  I don't want to be
in my room!  What if I get hungry or thirsty!!!"  She acts 
as if I am sending her off to jail.  So dramatic!!
Norah on the other hand is cute as can be except for 
one tiny thing...THE WHINING.  She just can't communicate 
what she is trying to get across so she uses whining and 
pointing to get her way.  It's about a million times worse 
than nails on a chalkboard to my ears.  

Between the two of them I am likely to lose my mind.  

But "It's just a stage" right?  That's my favorite saying that 
gets me through, it makes me laugh because there is always
some sort of unpleasant "stage" going on with kids right?  

Maybe it's just mine, maybe I'm doing this wrong.  All I know
is I'm doing the best I can and that some days I barely hold 
on to my sanity. 

I LOVE my kids more then anything or anyone on this earth,
I just can't say I always LIKE them. 


guzzi guy said…
It's just a stage and they are the cutest girls in the whole world and you *are* being a wonderful mother!
Rachel said…
Sassy and whiny sounds like a rough spell for sure!! You're doing great though!