Bowling with Babies

Who takes 5 kids, under the age of 5, bowling? 

Without cocktails?

Billy & I, she convinced me it would be fun,
and you know what?  She was right, it was fun!
 Ben went in for the kiss...
 Denied.  She does that to me all the time.
 Ava's a little excited!
 Zech?  Not so much.

 Love Billy.
 Tiny bowling shoes.
 All 5
 They had a dark, crazy light dance party going on.

 So fun.

That ball is going to take them out.

 Watching, wishing.
 Giving her take on the fancy spin move.
 Line up
 Norah trying to scare Amelie : )
 So cute!

Really super fun day.  I was just in it for the photos
but I would totally go back : )


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