Hello WATER!!!

 We keep going to parks, hoping to play in the water.

It's been hot and none of the parks have turned it on yet,
but...rumor had it Magnolia was on, so we HAD to go see...
 Norah has not experienced this magic yet.  
I was thrilled to see her reaction.
 She ran, as well she should.
 She looked unsure...

 But she returned, she couldn't get enough.

 She gets right in there with the big kids.
 Whereas Ava just stand clear of the water.
 Not Norah, she got the FULL EXPERIENCE.
The thing with this fountain is you never know what
it's going to do, it changes constantly.  One second it's
barely doing anything, next thing you know it's 
What a trooper, she didn't even cry, 
just kept going right back in!

Happy Summer!! 


Ha, Norah cracks me up! And Ava - she didn't want to get her hair wet! Can't say I blame her :-)
guzzi guy said…
Man! She gets it in the face over and over and keeps coming back. Got to love that spirit!