Goose Egg

 Ok, I know I talked trash about them yesterday
but Ava was actually really sweet today.
 We went to the zoo, she was thrilled and had a great
time.  She was also respectful of me needing a 
minute to myself today too.  She happily took her 
quiet time and then came back very nice & mellow.
 Something terrible happened though.  I was cleaning my car
and I was doing my best to keep the kids entertained and out 
of the street while doing so.  I was super happy that I got the
whole inside vacuumed out and car seats rearranged with out 
incident.  Then I decided to spray off the outside of the car.  

I strapped Norah in her umbrella stroller and let Ava push her 
back & forth on the sidewalk while I sprayed the car.  This 
SEEMED like a good solution at the time.  

Next thing you know I hear Ava screaming for me and I look
over and somehow she ended up letting go of the stroller and 
Norah had flipped down off the curb and into the street, she 
lay there, face down on the pavement IN THE STREET.  It was
awful.  I ran as fast as I could and scooped her up.  She already 
had a giant goose egg on her head but no blood.  She was shocked
but not freaking out or out of sorts at all. 
 Ava on the other hand was TOTALLY freaking out.
 She was crying hysterically saying over and over
"I did not mean for this to happen, this is NOT 
what I wanted to happen!!  I LOVE HER!!!"
 It was so sad and sweet all at the same time.
 She really is a good big sister. 
 You are probably thinking you can't believe I let Ava do 
that, but really I am so surprised this happened, 
obviously I won't let her do that again but she 
is usually so careful with her, I guess she let go for just 
a second and it rolled off the curb flipping over forward. 
 Ava still hasn't forgiven herself, even though we 
are not at all mad at her.  (I'm kicking myself too.)
But little Norah is just fine, I'm so thankful for that. 
It could of ended so much worse.  I'm glad she has
her big sister looking out for her, even if it doesn't 
always work out so well. 


Rhi said…
Tyler wants to push Seren all the time on the stroller and, yeah, I let him, but internally my blood pressure is just rising....don't beat yourself up