Sweet Little Ava, she looks innocent enough right?

One day I thought, maybe I should let her play 
with my makeup?  Why not?  It's sort of like an art
project that she can totally direct herself.

Needless to say she was thrilled at the prospect.

I thought she did fairly well at her first attempt:
Several weeks later she saw my makeup sitting on the 
counter and asked "Mom can I??  Please??"  

I agreed, and off she went, happy as a clam.  

Somehow I totally underestimated what *might* happen.

How bad could it be??

Um, WOW.
 Even when she smiles nice...
She looks totally insane & yet so very proud of herself.

That definitely wasn't how I saw that going.

Kids sure do know how to keep things interesting!
Just imagine how long it took to get OFF her face...
: )


Yikes! The Mary Kay consultant in me is cringing :-)
Cadie said…
Haha! So chapstick from now on?!??
Rhi said…
Yay! I totally have pics of me like this when I was little and visiting Grandma....there's happy messy, then sad when Grandma makes me start washing it all off lol

I miss you Ava!!!