Yes I had to put that in all caps.

This is VERY serious. 

She is driving me crazy.  

 She is seriously one of the cutest kids ever, most of the time.
She makes me laugh constantly all through the day.
Norah can be so happy, sweet & loving.
Love, love, love her BUT...

She gets these ideas in her head, sees something out 
of the corner of her eye and then SHE MUST HAVE
IT!!!  RIGHT NOW!!!  No, don't try to distract her,
it will just make her ANGRY!!!  So ANGRY.  

She has MASTERED the art of the perfect tantrum.

Why?  Why can't she just be calm & happy & RATIONAL?

Please, remind me the best way to handle this.  
I don't remember Ava being this crazy.

Love little Norah but WOW.  


Don't let her cuteness fool you!  


Honestly, no suggestions from me! But I'd gladly take them if you get any tips :-) For future reference, of course...