It has been one month since I started running.

Here are links to My First Thoughts on Running
& where I stood One Week In if you missed that.

I live a good life.  I am happy.

There is just one thing that has been bugging me, my weight.

I don't believe in dieting, yet I was tempted to do a quick
fix, fast diet to just get the pounds off then work on maintaining.

I eat really healthy in general so I wasn't too worried about the after.

But I KNOW that isn't the way you SHOULD do it.

The real weight loss secret isn't much of a secret.

Move more, eat less.

Yep, I have known that all along, just wasn't feeling ready.

I saw all those healthy people out there, doing their thing
and I wished I had it in me.

It took me a while to give in and actually do it.
I was scared.  
I didn't want to start and then quit.

I wanted to make sure I was really ready, not just to run,
but to stick with it.

My first goal was to make it more then the single block I
was able to, without stopping to walk.  I hoped to eventually
be able to RUN the whole 1.7 miles that I chosen as my route.

Much to my SHOCK I was able to do that about 9 days in.

Running the whole way!  
Even with my horrible lungs and lack of any
experience with running!  I was thrilled.  

So I started going further. 
My next goal was 2 miles, then 2.5 and now 3.

I don't go super fast and I don't always run a huge distance
but I get out there every day and do my best in the time I have.

Sometimes that's 20 minutes and sometimes 45, it just depends.

I can now run 3 miles without stopping, but more importantly
without DYING!!!  I could even keep going!  I know I can.

So crazy!!

One month ago I would of NEVER believed you
 if you told me this was where I would be today. 

30 days:
Stronger lungs
57 miles down 
10 lbs lost
Down a jean size.

I will take it.

 The most shocking thing of all??

I'm addicted.  

I actually crave working out!
If I don't get to go right when I wake up I keep thinking about
going, non-stop, until I get out there and do it!

I'm not saying I find it easy.  It is HARD to get up every single day 
and just go, but even if it sucks and I'm not feeling it that day,
I still love the way it makes me feel afterwards.

So Happy.
I am a runner!!!

(Oh and seriously?  If I can do it?  So can you, PROMISE!!)


Yay! You know, I want to start running so much, too, to help with the baby weight. I am kind of nervous about it, but you inspire me!

Side note, too, this would make for one awesome Motivation Monday post :-)
guzzi guy said…
Absolutely love this post!
Rhi said…
Good job Sarah, I'm so happy for you!!!!