We had a very nice weekend.   

These are just a few shots of Ava waiting for Auntie
Jessica to come pick her up for their special day 
together, I thought these were pretty cute.

First she waited on the porch.
 Then she moved out to the sidewalk.
Watching for Aunties car.
 Then back to the porch, Norah joined her 
to keep her company.  So cute.
 Ava went outside a bit too early, after much waiting
I convinced her to come inside and get her mind 
off of waiting, trying on daddy's slippers worked for 
a minute.
She had a great time with Jessica, it was well worth the wait.

I think it is just so special that they do these kind of things together.
Jessica said she was a perfect, polite little angel, always nice to hear.

This evening we had Dad, Angi & Jessica over for a totally 
unplanned BBQ, the weather was lovely and we had a really 
nice dinner.  

Great weekend, bring on the nice weather, we are READY!


That's super sweet she gets special days like that. and I'm sure it takes a load off you for just one day!