Happy Momma

 We had a truly wonderful Mother's Day.

We spend the day preparing for our little 
Mother's Day party, cooking, cleaning & 
getting things in order.

We had Chris, D'Auna, Alayah, Mom & John 
over for dinner.  It was lovely.  

Here's what I made:
Asian Spiced Chicken, Pineapple Edamame Fried Rice & Tandoori Veggie Skewers

But here is the best part, the kids:
 Beautiful little Alayah, walking all over the place!!
 Norah is thrilled to have a new partner in crime.
 Could she be cuter?
 Could she be weirder?
 Norie is so funny!
 Although TROUBLE.  No joke.  Don't let that
sweet little face fool you.
Ava teaching Alayah the moves.
 Norah's new ride.
 Pretty girl.
 Such a messy one.
 The nights sky.
 Love her little face.
 Happy Ava!
 Ava cracks us all up.  She is hilarious!
We had a great evening.  I love spending time with all 
these wonderful people.  

 I am so very grateful for my Mom.  She is the very best.

I was just looking at my last years Mother's Day Post,
and it totally made me cry.  So if you are into that kind 
of thing just click on This Link 

I feel so very blessed to be living such a rich life filled 
with so much love and so many amazing people. 

Life is good.  Happy Mother's Day!


Adorable! And that food looks delicious! Happy mother's day!
guzzi guy said…
Loving Norah's new ride!
Rachel said…
Aw, cuties!! And that meal looks yummy!! Happy Mother's Day!