Baby Ava

We've been going through old movies of Ava, 
it's fun to see roughly where Norah is compared 
to Ava at the same age.  We don't take many 
videos of Norah, but we took a million little 
ones of Ava, often several times a day.  

Ava is a few months older then Norah here,
but I see so many similarities in the two of them.

This video make me remember "The Happy Dance"
Ava used to always do as a baby, we've got to get 
Norah on that one, cutest thing ever!

Oh how we love her.  

Ava is actually spending the night at Auntie Jessica's 
house tonight, she took Ava to see Cirque Du Soleil, 
OVO & then a little slumber party at her house. 
How cool is that??

What do we do while Ava is away?  

Watch video after video of her as a baby.

We are still, even at the sassy age of 4, 
totally blown away by our love for her.  

She will always be my sweet little baby.  
She better.


Rachel said…
Oh my gosh!!!! The cuteness slays me!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah said…
I know right??? Me too!!
Nain said…
Oh, I love the happy dance! So cute :-)