Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Love Craig's List! (Except for when people don't want to buy MY old stuff.)

My husband says I have got skills.
He calls one of them Creative Accounting.

This is precisely how I got him to allow me to buy new couches.

* I almost choked on that word, allow. *

But since I still don't have an iPhone
it seems like the appropriate word.

I only asked for one thing for Mother's Day : )

Anyhow, back to the couches.
John and I bought new couches when we moved into this house
4 1/2 years ago.

We LOVE them.

We really had no choice but to buy them,
when we combined households we had my ugly brown couches

We have a living and a family room so you see?
No choice.

There really wasn't much choice involved in this latest
decision either. I saw a great deal on a set of couches on
Craig's List, and if you like something posted on there,
you totally have to jump on it!

Or it is gone, and that is that.

So after some "creative accounting" on my part,
explaining to John that I had quite a bit of money in my wallet
that he had not accounted for & someone was surely going
to want to pay at least $200 for our old couches.
I assured John that he would barely notice
we bought these new beauties,
aside from their gleaming awesomeness and total comfort!

My wonderful, amazing, perfect-in-every-way husband went
and picked them up and hauled them home! Yay!

And better yet he even moved the entire set of furniture
into the other room when I decided I didn't like them in
the first room, which as you may have guessed, meant hauling
the other set back into the other room too!

It sure looked like a lot of work!!! : )

Thankfully we had our good friend Greg
here to help with the whole moving furniture around frenzy.

Drum roll please...

Family Room / Before:
Family Room / After:
(Oh on a side note, if you saw that before picture and thought
to yourself I NEED THOSE COUCHES! just let me know,
they are sooo yours.)
To view my totally rejected Craig's List ad: click here

Living Room / Before:
Living Room / After:
When we tried to put that red furniture into the family room
it just wasn't working, too much red in too small of a space.

We loved how are living room looked before but it just
makes sense to switch them. Plus you get the added bonus
of having new furniture in BOTH rooms.

Real quick while we are on the subject of decorating you may
remember not too long ago my big bedspread debate.
(Click Here for a refresher).

Well turns out Target had the one I wanted the next time I went in!
Here is what our bedroom looks like now:

At first I thought I was going to have to re-paint the wall
but now I am not so sure.
So I must ask you, is that orange wall / blue bedspread working
or am I just numb to it's hideousness now??

And really now I must share some photos of Ava
because would it be ME if I didn't??

Playing in the rain with Emma, Greg's daughter.
I almost had to delete this one but I tried to make it look artsy instead:

Trying to jump rope:

Lily leaving on a over night play-date with Emma
who desperately wants a dog,
we will see if this is still the case tomorrow.
We were actually thinking of renting her out as a deterrent to
contributing to the over populated pet world.

Love you Lily, we will miss you! : )


Rhi said...

LOVE the new couches, and I think the brown ones look awesome next to the fireplace! I've got to say...I'm not sure about the orange wall with brown and blue. Maybe it is the coloring in the picture-I think if the blue was a little darker they would totally all fit. So tell me the camera has bleached the blue a little and you may have a winner!

Sarah said...

Darn, I was afraid of that. I think the colors on the photo are pretty accurate. Oh well, painting one wall can't be that hard to do, the question is will I do it?? Now that the numbness has set in it may take awhile :)

viewfromdownhere said...

I love the new furniture! I definitely need a little more in my decorating style for sure...very very cute stuff!

Tracy said...

I think orange and blue are good together.. but maybe it is that it's a light blue and a dark orange.. maybe if they were BOTH light or BOTH dark? Maybe a lighter orange would work a little better, but it all looks really good! Isn't it fun to get new furniture (: