Monday, May 10, 2010


On Wednesday we headed to Spokane to visit John's Parents.
It was a LONG car ride,
a two year old can make a 3o minute car ride seem long.
This was more like 6 plus hours.
She was pretty good though.
If you don't count the never ending
"Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy..."
"Mommy, I need a snack,
Mommy, I need out"
It kind of makes you think back to those days you were wishing for her to finally say mommy. Why did I want that so badly again? I forget.
I love the pants off that girl but I swear she said it 30 million times.
What about Daddy? Why aren't you harassing him???

She was thrilled to see her grandparents when all was said and done.
She can always convince grandma to sit and play with her for hours on end.

This is the first of 1 million photos I am going to share with you of their backyard,
I must, because I am in love.

A little slice of heaven.
I couldn't stop running out there to take more pictures.
The lighting kept changing and I just couldn't stop!

Bob and Barbie took us on their standard 3 mile walk with a little detour to the park.
Ava loves to go to the park, she harasses unsuspecting children into thinking they must play with her, that they are her friends and they must do exactly as she says.

Unfortunately, most kids are afraid of her out-going ways.
I understand, she is a little much sometimes.
I of course I find it adorable, but I am her mother after all.

When we got back Ava got to feed the fish.

And play around the yard.

While I took lots of pictures.

Grandma knitted me this scarf which Ava promptly stole from me and calls her own.

This is the view out their front window.
And the back, in case you have forgotten.
Love the daddy.

Barbie hangs all her clothes to dry!
When I saw this I told Ava,
"This is what people did in the olden days" : )

Are you getting sick of these yet?
Sorry, I'm not.
This is the amazing rhubarb bread Barbie made.
You NEED this recipe, ask and I shall share.
They sang & played the piano together.
The cutest couple ever and their truly amazing son.

Bob & Barbie can always be found pulling weeds if you leave them unattended for more then a minute. It always cracks me up. I have seen them pull weeds in our yard in the first few minutes out of the car when they come to visit, I have even seen them pull weeds at our local library when we went for a walk around the pond. I so don't have this gene.

You will be happy to know I forgot my camera at my favorite little restaurant spot where I was dying to take 10 million more pictures. It was physically painful for me to walk through seeing all the great photo opts I was missing out on.

Not to worry though, I think I got enough other photos for now.
Next time... : )

We decided to take Ava downtown to ride the carousel,
I love the downtown Spokane.
They have a beautiful water fountain to play in, although it was far too cold this time.
They also have this:
The biggest wagon slide in the world.
Ok, I am guessing the whole "in the world" part,
but seriously? Wouldn't it have to be?
The thing was HUGE!!

Look at those little vulture children ready to push over Ava to use the slide.
I had to hurt 3 of them. Their parents didn't fair well either.

We always have such a great time with Bob & Barbie.
We played tons of games, had wonderful food and just enjoyed each others company.
Can't wait to do it again,
as soon as they will have us.


guzzi guy said...

That place is fabulous!

Rhi said...

there is no getting sick of pictures of such gorgeous scenery!

Sarah said...

It is like photo crack. I am with you!