Friday, May 14, 2010

Hello Summer, Old Friend...

Yesterday we spent most of the day at Grandpa's.
The In Home Health care people were coming.
It was also the day someone comes to clean his apartment.
While playing out in the hall we found this:

A little motorcycle,
it belonged to Zola this adorable child in the back of the next photo that has that
"uh, where is she taking my toy" look on her face.

It was simply too nice of a day NOT to go to the park next door.
This was the first day the water was on, let us at it!

We quickly got too hot (I know that seems strange since it wasn't that hot out) and headed back to Grandpa's where Ava was dying to try the fresh baked macaroons.
I was scared of them, they looked terribly messy.

They had music playing over in Aspen Peaks, the other side of the facility.
We came over to check it out and one of Ava's new BFF's joined us.

This is Jayden. She climbed right up into that chair with Ava.
I love how kids just take to being friends simply because they are of similar size.

Next we headed home where I couldn't stop taking pictures of Ava,
that new orange dress is my absolute favorite on her!

She is terribly silly!

Her silliness just makes me want to kiss her face off!


Sarah @ said...

What a cool park! I wish we had more places like that around here - it's so hot in the summer, you'd think it'd be a big hit!

Sarah said...

Water parks are the best. We have at least 4 near by, you should come visit :)

Rhi said...

who wouldn't want to climb right up next to Ava and be best friends? she is just that awesome!