Monday, April 26, 2010

Bedroom Facelift

I was pursuing through this weeks Target ad
when I came across this bedroom 8-piece set:

It was only $65 and I HAD to have it. Not just because I LOVE brown & blue together but the biggest and best reason is that I have had this same comforter for about 10 years.

Yes, 10 years, that just seems sooooo wrong when I think about it.
I did buy one other green one but I think my dog ate that one.
I didn't love it anyway.

So I went to Target on the first day of their ad, ready to buy that little brown and blue number. Guess what? They only had one left and it was for a queen bed.
I tracked down a guy who worked there to help me and he looked up other Targets that might carry it. Get this, first day, not one single target had even one in stock?!! WTF?
Is this even legal to use it IN the ad?

So I basically stood in the aisle for about 2 hours and pondered what would be my second choice. I always try to think about the reason this sort of thing is happening, like the plus side to not getting my way.

I came up with a reasoning's.
First off, our wall is orange. Orange, blue and brown, not so much.
I like that wall and don't want to re-paint it.
Maybe the print is too girlie?
Maybe the felt like part to it would attract pet hair?

Anyhow I finally settled on this one:

(It came with two huge square pillowcases too but who has
two giant square pillows lying around?)
Same price, similar color scheme to what we already had going.
I like it, so does John, so we are happy.
It makes me feel like it matches the rest of the house.
And being that is an actual set which I have been lacking FOREVER, it makes me feel like an adult. Which in a time where I like to hold on to my youth makes me strangely happy.

It wouldn't be ME if there weren't some pictures of Ava being a total goof-ball, so here is Ava trying out the "new" bed.

See? Everyone is happy.
Now if I could just get my grubby paws on that blue & brown one
I could switch back and forth between the two : )
A girl can dream...


Anonymous said...

Sarah - I checked online and they only have it in queen. Only 1 price - only 1 size. Too bad, it had a lot of good reviews. Kathy Evans(Jessica's workmate)

Sarah said...

They "say" they have it in King size. I grabbed a rain check for it. Not sure if they plan on making anymore ever. Also not sure if I can justify buying a secondary set :) If they restock soon I could take this other one back? Still won't match the orange wall but I LOVE IT anyway. Thanks for looking for me Kathy!

Rhi said...

I like the idea of having two sets!!! I am already a little sick of looking at the green comforter set we got when we moved into this house-probably because it collects dog hair like a mo-fo. I wish I had something to switch back and forth from, even if its because I'm being laundry lazy