Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fun With Learning

Classic "Ava say cheese!" photo:
Then I yell, "Open your eyes!!"
Ava is really into letters right now.
We just got some alphabet flash cards and she is getting
pretty good. I love them, they really jump-started
her interest in learning about letters.

She has also started using her laptop which I got her
a million years ago, at the time it was way above her s
kill level but now it works out pretty nicely.
Her Spider Man laptop (Craig's List, $5) asks her questions like
"find the letter Q" It also does many more advanced levels
but this is the one we are focusing on for now.

"You got it!"
And of course learning makes her want to dance.

She loves wearing her tutu.
And in other exciting news tomorrow we are heading to Spokane to visit John's parents.
They are two of our favorite people.
They raised my husband to be the wonderful man he is today.
For that I am forever grateful.

They are also wonderful gardeners, something else my husband picked up from them.
Here, see for yourself, this is just a small piece of their beautiful backyard:


guzzi guy said...

Wow! Have fun in Spokane!

Rhi said...

She was so fun to do "school" with-she is one smart little girl!!! I can't wait to see pictures from Spokane, I remember how gorgeous the garden pics were last time. Have fun!

The Iwen's: said...

Love those tutu pics...girls rock! :) Aubrey is full on walking now, so I guess I should get her some dancing clothes, huh? Sure hope you have a great visit in Spokane...I'll try to get on a computer in less than a month to see updates. I swear computer time is SO hard to find these days. If I didn't have my iphone to access fb and twitter I'd be lost! :)