Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Little Social Butterfly

Yesterday we met up with Tracy & Sammy at Pump it Up.

I am pretty sure Tracy might not ever go back there.
If she does she is likely to call first and make sure NO other kids are there.

We always seem to encounter evil children at Pump it Up,
ones that are surely plotting violent injuries to
our sweet little angelic kids.
Before Tracy arrived I witnessed a little girl younger then Ava push a small boy off the equivalent of a blow up cliff. She then turned around and tried to push Ava out of her way too. I kept looking around wondering where the heck her mom was. Finally she made her way over and I informed her that her daughter kept pushing everyone. She looked a little embarrassed but I didn't stick around long, I took Ava to safer ground.

Later I realized why she was distracted. She has two kids, and the other one is the devil. I saw him take another child by the neck and body slam him on the ground. He wouldn't leave this boy alone. It was like a giant wrestling match. At least he was picking on someone his own size I suppose. The dad to that kid kept trying to laugh it off.

The icing on the cake for me was when the little devil child ran UP the slide as Ava was coming down and totally injured her. Rrrrrr! I scooped her up and tried to calm her down while death-glaring at the mom. She pulled him off to the side and I waited for her to bring him over to apologize. It didn't seem to be on her agenda so I took Ava over to him and said "Here Ava, I think this little boy wants to say sorry to you."

She ended up making her two little terrors go home.
I commend her for that.
I can't decide who I feel the most sorry for, those kids or their mom.
It can't be easy raising kids that are out of control.
You can't blame her for wanting to take them to run some energy off.
And with two it is impossible to monitor them at all times.

See that boy on the right?
You think he looks innocent don't you???
You would be wrong.
Even though we have these experiences it doesn't make me want to take Ava there any less. It is good for her to see how other kids sometimes behave and have me there to help her figure out social situations that she is not used to encountering. Also it is GREAT exercise. Not just for Ava, but for me too!

After Pump it Up I was debating on going home or a quick visit to go see Grandpa. Ava BEGGED to go to Great Papa's. She loves going there. She has approximately 200 of her closest friends living or working there : )

Also Scott & Vivienne were back from Arizona and over for a visit so we got to see them too!

Last night as I watched Ava interact with all of the people I just was bursting with pride.
She is so polite, friendly, outgoing and concerned with others it is awe-inspiring just to watch her.

From the moment we walk in her always turns to the person at the front desk and says "Hello! I'm back!"

She says hello to everyone who shows an interest in her and stops and hugs all her friends she already knows. If she sees a kid she immediately goes to inquire if they want to be her friend and play with her. She always leans over to me and says "that kid over there wants to play with me." She isn't always right about this though. Most kids pull their shy act and take some warming up but usually she can get them to bend to her will eventually.

It is so fun to see the effect she has on the people there. One of the residents calls her Little Miss Magic. She brightens up the room where ever she goes.

I figure I need to stop and appreciate this now, you never know when the terrible part of two could rear it's ugly head. I am not saying she doesn't have little "two moments" but she usually recovers quickly. I love that about her. Here are a few pictures of her at Grandpa's a few days ago:

She wanted me to take some pictures of her "other" friends too.
A quick visit to the plastic duck. He is always there, so reliable : )
Oh and while I am going on and on about how wonderful my child is
I might as well tell you that the most unexpected thing happened yesterday,
she POOPED in the potty.

I am only mentioning it because it has NEVER happened before,
and it might be the only time it ever happens.
We aren't planning on potty training her until she turns 18.
I figure it will lessen her chances on the dating scene.


viewfromdownhere said...

Ha, your little girl really does remind me of my niece Riley. Everyone is her friend, too. And that little boy does have the evil look. You can just tell.

Rhi said...

Wait, so the lady with devil children had the father there two and she couldn't keep it under control???? I'm sure if she needs pity or a slap in the face!

Hearing Ava described as Little Miss Magic is so perfect! It totally makes me think of her falling asleep on Matt's shoulder when I was pregnant and all the times he looked at her and it made him feel less nervous and more excited about having a kid. She is truly a special little person and I love how much you know it! Of course, plenty of her fabulousness is due to awesome parents :)

P.S. tell her Rhi is SUPER proud of her poop on the potty!

Sarah said...

The mom was there solo, the dad I was talking about belonged to the kid the devil child was trying to kill.

Thanks Rhi, that is really sweet! I also told her what you said and she was pleased as punch that you are proud of her. Maybe I will have to use that in the future, try it again Ava, Rhi would be sooo proud!

P.S. We miss you!!