Monday, May 3, 2010

Warning! Picture overload!!

Saturday was a really big day for us.
Auntie Jessica got Ava tickets to see Sesame Street Live.
Ava LIVES for Sesame Street.
She loves it with all her heart.

When it comes on in the morning she says
"Oh look! My friends are on TV!!"

So you can imagine she was pretty excited to go see her friends,
here, look for yourselves...
This happy little girl also got to do one of her other FAVORITE things,
ride on the MAX.
She couldn't of been more pleased.

When we arrived at the Memorial Coliseum she just kept look around,
searching for Elmo.
When we opened the doors to the auditorium her mouth dropped open.
It stayed open throughout the entire show.
She just couldn't believe what she was seeing!

Here I thought I would get 6 million pictures of her giddy, laughing and smiling, and I just kept getting these, shocked, speechless with wonder shots.

I assure you she LOVED the show, she was just on total sensory overload.

Ava looked across the room and spotted this:
Approximately 4 million dollars worth of Elmo balloons.
My math might be off a little but I know they made A LOT of money off those suckers.

A certain wonderful auntie bought Ava one and the happiness that balloon brought to her little face was almost worth the $10 they charge for them.
Here is auntie protecting her investment & tying the balloon to Ava's wrist:

Here is Ava point 3 seconds later realizing she
And here is auntie trying to get that thing off of her RIGHT NOW,
which seemed a bit impossible for awhile there. Lesson learned.

Ava had a blast but she was ready to get outside and run by the time the show was over.
She was very excited to get to ride the MAX again.
When she got off the train she said "Thanks for letting me ride MAX!"

We took a little trip down to Saturday Market,
it is important that Ava experience the true culture of Portland.

Like this:
If you can't read the sign it says: "Spare any WEED?"

She also got to see break-dancing in action.
She got to see the fountain.
And pet the biggest dog on the planet.

She got to listen to a guy play his violin & she got to give him a tip.
I love downtown Portland.
I want to go back soon.
We were pretty tired and we had a lot more day ahead of us so we took off and headed over to Jessica's house to meet her friend Temeka's new baby.

This is Alexa:
She is so beautiful!
Did I mention I totally want one of those???!

I do.

Next we headed back to our house where a certain little ghost took
our tired girl and wore her the rest of the way out.

She didn't mind a bit.

Thank you again Auntie Jessica for making our Saturday wonderful, you are the best!!


Tracy said...

What great fun!!!

My New Life As Mom said...

That's great! We were just up in portland for the Baby expo. We've gone two years in a row and we'll be back again this fall.

I'm glad you all had such a fab time!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy it made Ava so happy!!!! :) My goal entirely. Love you guys, ACC

Anonymous said...
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