Thursday, May 13, 2010


A few days ago Lily turned 4.
Ava has been excited to spoil her ever since.
We gave her a squeaky bone and blew up some balloons for her.
Yesterday Ava made Lily some tea.

Lily wasn't too impressed.
That cup looks empty.

Turning 4 sucks. : )

After our breakfast tea we went shopping with Mom at
Bridgeport Village. Ava had fun trying out the beautiful patio furniture
at Crate & Barrel. This whole store was so colorful
and made me ready to dive into Summer.
I fell in love with so many things there!
They had the prettiest margarita glasses I am still pondering...

We had a great time running around outside as we are just
starting to get really nice weather.

They even have a little playground structure in the middle of the outdoor mall
which of course Ava loves!

Next we decided to grab some gelato.
Ava has always had it in her head she doesn't like ice cream,
she was totally willing to try this though.

Let me just say that she LOVED IT!!

I am not sure she has stopped begging for more yet : )

I love shopping! I found a bunch of great deals at Gymboree &
I was able to replace the champagne flute Oreo broke on Easter.

The best purchase however was this turtle that mom got Ava, it shines stars on the ceiling in 3 different colors and it is cute as can be! Ava couldn't wait to go to bed last night!

That is the wonderful little turtle on the left there
snuggling with Oreo.
The turtle is currently sitting on Ava's lap watching Sesame Street.
They are totally best friends now. If he can continue to make Ava want to go to sleep at night I would have to say he is worth his weight in gold!