Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

Today is Mother's Day. I am so thankful for the fact that I am a mom. I have wanted to be a mom most of my life. I always knew that someday I would be and now that I am living that dream I couldn't be happier.

Ava brings an incredible amount of joy to me everyday. Even in our most frustrating moments I adore her. Ok maybe not IN those moments, but you know what I mean.

Even though it is Mother's Day I can help but think how thankful I am for the daddy in Ava's life. John is the best dad to Ava, there is nothing that makes me happier then to see the relationship that they have together.

I love my husband!!

I love our little family!

I also adore my own mother.

She is the best, not just to me but to Ava too!
She loves Ava just as fiercely as I do and to watch them together makes me think of the wonderful relationship I had with my own grandma growing up.
My grandma was my favorite person.
I am so glad Ava has that kind of grandma!
In fact she has three!!

Happy Mother's Day to you all!

We feel blessed to have you all in our lives!


julie b said...

You Ava and John make life good! Thankyou!!

Sarah said...

Thanks Mom! :) Love you!

Rhi said...

Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful mother that has taught me a trick or two! Love you Sarah!

Sarah said...

Thanks Rhi, that is sweet, love you too! Happy Mother's Day to you too!!! We learn from each other, you inspire me!