Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fun With Sammy

Our day started with shopping at Costco with my mom.
We love Costco, they serve a mini-lunch worth of snacks to us : )

Then off to the Children's Museum to play with Sammy.
First hugs!
Here are a few pictures of the girls playing together:

Sammy as a kangaroo.

Ava as a mouse:

Sammy paints her own face:

Reading to Ava

Upside down
So cute!

We had a great time playing,
it must of worn Ava out because she actually
asked to go home.
She NEVER does that!


viewfromdownhere said...

Your daughter is just too cute! I love Sammy's freestyle painting on her face, too!

Tracy said...

I love the samples at Costco (: It was a fun time at the Children's Museum, I love it when it's not too busy!