Monday, May 24, 2010

Pretty Please!

I am having a very stressful day.
I won't name any names of who is driving me absolutely crazy
but he is 84 and acts 2.
I will let you figure out that little riddle.

On to happier things,
I took Ava to the mall the other day.
We needed to go to Pottery Barn to look at rugs with my mom.

Ava and I were getting restless so I told Ava to go ask my mom
if it was ok if we left and went to the kid play area they have.
I wasn't so much asking her as having Ava let her know
but the conversation went something like this:
"Is it ok if we go to the play place right now Grandma, please?"
My mom wasn't quite done shopping so she told
Ava to just wait a minute and she would finish up.
Ava looked devastated.
She looks up at my mom and says,
"But Grandma, I said PLEASE!"
Then looks to me and says,
"Mommy I did say please."

Like this is the way to get what ever you want.
Wouldn't that just be grand if that was the case?

Can we please just have that new car?
I said please!
Can we please not have to pay our mortgage?
I said please!

Right before we went into the play area I made a huge mistake.
I bought a Jamba Juice.

I quickly realized they put crack in these things.
There was no way Ava was going to be able to play.
All she could think about was one more drink, one more sip,
more, more, more...

I had to beg her to play.
Bribe her.
And she kept coming back, with this look:
...and this result.
Next time I will have to have them put it in a Starbucks cup for sure.
Then she will know it is all mine.
I am a total addict too.


viewfromdownhere said...

ha, they probably do put crack in that! But she makes a cute face when she's drinking it, and at least she had fun, right?

Rhi said...

I'm pretty sure Tyler thinks saying please guarantees you get what you want as well...but how do you teach them to be polite, but the answer could still be maybe or no?

Sorry about the stress part...

Sarah said...

Yep, fun is good. She deserves to have some fun and some special treats. Right now I am working on patience (for me too) but when she asks for something I tell her maybe and don't ask for a really long time and we will see. Otherwise she asks 6 million times until I give in. Her main thing is every time we are in the car she wants an Altoid. I tell her to sit and wait and not ask so she has now resorted to "Mommy I really like mints." I suppose it's not asking. She always finds the loophole.... :)

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

But I said please!

I am definitely going to use that at least once today!