Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Playdate Marathon!

Yesterday we were invited to a play-date at Madeline's house.
This is Madeline & her son Logan:
I have never been to a play-date like this.
300 babies were invited and their personal assistants (AKA Mom's).
We sat in a big baby-filled circle and admired their cute little faces and made them giggle.

Isn't Logan adorable??
Ava was confused by this baby over-taking.
She hasn't seen that many babies in well, forever.
At first she grabbed the only other non-baby, a four year old and played with him.
Finally she took on the attitude of if-you-can't-beat-them-join-them and reverted back to her old baby ways. She squeezed into the Exersaucer and pretended to be a little baby playing, then she squeezed into the Bumbo, a baby chair that helps you sit up.

We had a nice time playing and chatting with the other moms.
I have never actually been to a Mom's group.
I might need to look into joining one of these.

Madeline lives in Sherwood and since two of my best friends also live there
I figured we ought to visit them too.

First stop, Sunset Park to play with Amelie, Ben and Billy.

I couldn't get over how old Amelie looked.
She is so grown up now!

This was the first time Billy looked really pregnant to me,
besides the other million times she has been pregnant of course. : )
This is Ben, he just turned one!

The girls helped each other get drinks.

Next we headed over to Katharina's house.
The driving between these three stops took about a minute.
Sometimes I feel like we need to move to Sherwood.

This is a picture of today's modern play-date:
Three kids on lap tops : )
Beautiful Morgan:
The kids ran and played.

...and hugged.

Ava tried to get Camden to kiss her.
Better luck next time!

Three play-dates sounds like it might be a little much, but it wasn't.
For us, it was perfect!


guzzi guy said...

Doesn't sound like Ava was "played out". Beautiful children all around!

Were there really 300 babies?

Sarah said...

More like 8 maybe, but close.

Madeline said...

I think we had 8 moms and 11 kids total : ) Sarah, you should join our group. It is great support! We always have a lot of fun : )

Sarah said...

I thought I heard someone say if was for the one and under set only, if we are welcome we would come :)

Rhi said...

I love the picture of her trying to kiss Camden-priceless!

And why does she always have to have such cute outfits. Geez, its like you enjoy dressing that beautiful little girl or something!

Sarah said...

I am an addict Rhi. I will admit it. Each day I announce NO MORE! Then I come across the cutest little dress. You just wait, have a girl, I dare you!!!