Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last Saturday...

On Saturday I informed Ava we were having a party,
she was pretty broken up by the idea.

Ava had to answer the door because I was dealing with
a certain out of control dog, I won't name any names.

Ava stood there in the door way and announces to the six guests,
"Hi! I'm Ava! Come on in!"
She will be hosting her own dinners soon.

My Brother Chris, his wife D'Auna and some other new friends, Joey & Chelsea and expectant parents Jason & Ashlee joined us for dinner.
We had Pad Thai & Asian Peanut Super Slaw.

This my favorite dish to serve because I love the presentation of it:

I always use my white plates and red chili sauce to write the guests names with.

Ava was excited to get a feel for the little girl growing in Ashlee's tummy.

And then she took turns jumping into each persons arms,
forcing them to play with her.

Although I don't think any one of them minded much.

We celebrated Jason's birthday.
D'Auna made caramel apple pie, total YUM!

We had a very fun evening.
We love hanging out with Chris & D'Auna,
& we absolutely adore their friends too!


My New Life As Mom said...

That's awesome! She's such a free little spirit. I love that!

Rhi said...

Little Miss Hostess Ava! How cute, and how like her :)