Monday, May 17, 2010


Friday John and I got to hang out a little .

We decided to combine errands and go do one of his jobs and hit Clackamas Town Square together as I could not live one more day without this particular dress that was only at that one store a million miles away. I did get a great price on it, so totally worth it, just ask me.
We also stopped at Lowes on our way back. I got to quiz Ava on her flower colors and shop for some veggies for our garden.

I think I mentioned I want another baby.
If it is a boy I want to buy THIS fountain. It is super cute.
A little girl standing on her brother to get a drink.
I could so see Ava doing that.

Once we arrived home we prepared for our dinner party.
Dad & Angi were bringing Thai food and coming to play with Ava.

They brought her a new snoopy and a really cute little outfit.

She is also ready for a new baby.
Here she is showing us how you carry one in your belly.

It is her little stuffed bear, coincidentally named Baby Bear.

A few more pictures from the evening:

I love this one:

Paper or plastic??

I think I will take what is underneath!

My sweet, sweet girl!