Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stuff & Things.

These two. 
 So funny.
Summer has come to an end so we are starting to 
frequent all the indoor play places we've been avoiding 
due to the weather being far too nice.  

We hit OMSI last week and we may just go there again 
 Norah was so fascinated by these balls floating in the air.
 She ran around like a crazy person going from one 
thing to the next.  I love how well she plays now.
 Although the drinking fountain always keeps one 
of the biggest pulls on kids, it's hard to get them to 
go play with the real toys they think it's so fun & WET. 
We still haven't gotten Norah off the bottle.
Can't say we have tried too hard yet.  She is a
total addict to the thing.  She only gets one or two 
a day but I know I need to end it soon.  

Just not a real big fan of her head spinning around.

Also?  I sort of want to keep her a baby a little longer.
Can you blame me???