Friday, September 14, 2012

Blankets of Fun

We had a fun day today, doing pretty much nothing.

I love the way kids can make a game out of anything.
Fun is around every corner, it's all about perspective. 

You've got to learn to hold on to that, it's a great skill.
 This all started with Ava creating a "slide" out of a blanket 
to slide off the couch with.
She insisted Norah join her.

 Then she got mad when Norah got distracted.
(Norah sticks with any one thing for about 2.3 seconds)
 Super mad, Norah couldn't care less.
 Or maybe the guilt trip worked?  Or she forgot 
about whatever it was that was distracting her.

  The slide game led to Norah pretending to sleep
on the blanket, which inspired Ava to make up a 
new game: pulling Norah around on the floor.
 She loved it!

 Ava was a little jealous as my stamina for pulling 
HER around on the floor was not as lengthy as she 
would of wished.
 Next she took the blanket out to the yard where she 
declared it was time for a picnic, even though they 
had each just eaten 3 meals and it was only 11am.  

Oh well, you can't really argue her logic and the last
thing I want to do is stifle her imaginative play.  

You gotta hold on to it, hopefully forever.  : )


viewfromdownhere said...

Gotta love their imagination! And it's always a perfect time for a picnic :-)