Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Family Reunion

We attended John's family reunion on Saturday,
it was filled with a few faces we know & love 
and several new faces I had yet to meet.

Mostly I just took pictures of our kids, 
you know how I am.

 *Most* of the whole group.

BTW, organizing group photos is very high 
on my list of pet peeves.  
I'm not blaming this group, it's always been 
something I can't stand, weather I am taking 
the picture or just in it. 

My motto should be: 
Call me over when you are ready.

Sorry, my patience is limited and I'm pretty sure it 
has already all been used up by my kids : )

 John's beautiful Sister Anne, love her.
 Norah noticed right away there was a dessert table,
she wanted nothing to do with the rest of the food.

I'm sort of with her : )
 Rosemary playing with Ava.
 Norah's Spot.
 Ava's Spot

 First merry-go-round ride for Norah.
 Sweet sisters, such trust.
Oh and Ava fell to the ground holding her 2 seconds 
after this shot, Norah couldn't care less, loves her Ava.

 She is just great with her.

 What happened to my little girl??
 She is so big, so brave.

 Cutest couple EVER.
 Oh Norah...
 Again, again!!

 The younger generation of Gambles, having fun.

 Dick & Claralee, love them! 
 Barbie & Claralee, they are so cute!
 Us, again.
 Love this guy, more then he could ever imagine. 

He has a pretty great family too, love that, fun day!!