Monday, September 17, 2012

Our Weekend.

We had a great, fun, productive weekend.

During the day on Friday D'Auna & Alayah
came over to play, how cute are these cousins??
I went to a concert with Jessica on Friday, 
we saw Chicago at the zoo.  It was really 
I wished they would of played more songs we knew, 
that was a little disappointing because I could of sworn
I knew ALL of their songs!  

Oh well, the best part was hanging out with Jessica 
& that was super fun!!   I also got by the Sealed Water
Bottle Police with my "water" which is always nice too.  : )

On Saturday I went to a baby shower for my friend Erin,
I'm super excited to meet her little baby & for her to 
become a mom.  I just love that "first baby" time in people's 
lives and it's really fun to celebrate all that comes with it.
Ava also went to her first sleep over at Colton's house 
on Saturday night too, she was beyond thrilled.

Sunday we spent cleaning & organizing.  
That is the best thing, it always makes me so very happy
to start my week off with a not-so-overwhelming house.

I had Tiffani meet me at the park when she brought 
Ava back which worked out great for the kids!  

 This is what we do most of the time, chase Norah.

 Oh her little face!  LOVE.

 This was right when she first realized that Elmo 
was at the park (for some kid's birthday party).
 She ran right up to him, past all the other kids 
who were scared.  She just kept saying "Melmo!"

 Ava really wants to learn to do the monkey bars,
these ones are great for practice, my favorite set,
as her feet are about a foot from the ground.  We
really don't want to join that broken arm club!!

What a beautiful day to play at the park, a great 
ending to a fabulous weekend!