Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Before I forget...

 Here are the rest of the photos from our last beach
trip, figured I better put them up before I forget all 
about them.   We were there for 8 nights, that seems
long but yet I could easily go back, I miss it already!
 Ava was really digging this kite.
She never had a shortage of friends to play with.  
This girl is the most social, out-going person I know, 
I hope she never loses that. 

 Love Auntie.

 Auntie bought Norah this little outfit,
doesn't she just look like she's starting
her first day of school or something??  
So cute but YIKES.
 Silly baby.

 Love the way she takes care of her.

 Oh my, she really couldn't be cuter.

 It's not happening Norah, let it go, for now...

 Hanging with friends.

So much fun!!!  

I just can't get over the fact that Norah is old enough
to go play.  She wanders all over the playground, climbing
up stairs, navigating her way through dangerous things
designed for much older kids and successfully pulls it off.  

It's just crazy.  

She is growing up too fast!!  

In other news last night she peed in the potty (again), yay Norah,
then bit me, really hard (again).  Boo.

Such a thankless job this is, I tell you. 

Love these girls!!


Nain said...

Your girls are starting to look soo much alike! And flying a kite - I feel like I need to do that sometime. Such a peaceful thing to do :-)