Friday, September 28, 2012

From the phone.

So I got a new phone.  
I pretty much LOVE it.
In so many ways it puts my old phone to shame.

The only issue is the camera.
 So far the photos have been almost all blurry.  : (
 These ones outside are some of my favorites.
They are a little clearer & captured action pretty well.

 The indoor shots were much more grainy.
The color seems off too.
 But that didn't stop us from having some fun with them.

 I kinda like this one.  Love this girl.
 See what I mean?  Not so good.  But I adore HIM.
 She has been the sweetest best girl lately.
(Please don't let saying that jinx her!!!)
 They definitely improved outside.
This is from our little walk through the woods
the other day.
 John is so cute with his girls!!!

 Danger Baby!!!
 Good old Instagram : )

 My crew, "Melmo" has become a permanent fixture.
 Riding bikes at the library.
 Norah vacuuming. 
 My loves.
And this final one, Ava playing with her V-Tech Reader,
(thanks again Matt & Rhi, she still LOVES this thing)
is from my NEW phone.  They exchanged it for me with 
zero hassle today & I am sooooo happy.  It takes way 
crisper, cleaner photos.  (not that I have had any time to 
actually play with it much yet, but I can already tell)

You know me & photos, so the ability to take good ones
right from your phone without having to lug around the 
big camera is pretty awesome.  

I also got a new vacuum today for NO MONEY at all.  

Happy day!! 

Have a great weekend, you can bet we will, we may even
already be on an airplane as you are reading this.... : )