Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just Beach-y.

Oh my, oh my, oh my.  
Feeling a little overwhelmed with photos. 

Better get some up here so I feel like I'm getting
somewhere with them : )

 Signature move, downward dog.  Good for sandy hair.

 In a hole.
 Jumping into a hole, we might need to work on this,
I'm thinking knees UP!  Doesn't she know I'm taking 
her picture??  Come on!

 Pretending he is going to throw her in the air again.
 This is her typical maneuver when I try to set her down,
that and her baby alarm goes off.  Here I think she is just
playing a game with the water but this photo will always
remind me of that move in the kitchen : )

Mad we were leaving.
Back for sunset.
We are headed home today after 8 plus days at the beach.
Ava's disappointed we are leaving.  You would think the 
girl would want to go home already.  But no, and I don't 
blame her.  It's relaxing here, we spend a lot of time just 
hanging out together, talking, laughing & playing.  

All things we do at home but here they are special. 

So very thankful that we have this beautiful place to get
away from it all, we are quite blessed.