Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Photoshop, Yikes.

Ok, so I have always really wanted Photoshop.

It's probably not going to seem like that statement
is true when I tell you that I have been the proud 
new owner of Photoshop Elements 10 since the 
beginning of July.  

And I hadn't opened the box until a few days ago.

The thing is even though I am SUPER excited about
having it, I am still (rightfully so) SUPER intimidated 
by it.  

I wish there was just some way I could go to bed and 
wake up completely proficient in this incredibly
difficult foreign language!  

Anyhow, I am generally sitting on HUNDREDS of 
photos to edit every single day and just haven't found 
the time to start this process...until now.  

I just jumped in and have begun watching a million
Youtube videos on all things Photoshop.  

Oh did I mention that it doesn't come with a manual?

At all??!!  

Really that is ok because I don't mind watching it and 
having someone talk me through it, the problem lies 
in the fact that they seem to assume you know more 
then I do and they leave out things they think are obvious,
but to me they are not.  At all.  

Oh well, it's fun learning new things.  I know I have a ton
of photos that will be great to go back to and fix.  So far I 
have watched HOURS of videos and I feel like I still know 
nothing but I just fixed my very first photo so I figured 
I better show it off here.  

With this particular fix I was working on called
"Scene Cleaner"you need to take 2 or more
very similar photos and merge them together, 
either replacing an object or removing it entirely.  

Here are the two I started with:
 This one I loved but I didn't like the distracting person
in the background, I also wished I could see more of
Josh's hat.
 This one solved both of those issues but Alexa isn't 
looking at the camera.

So here is the end result after I merged the two:
  So much better!!!

I have a million (literally) things to learn but I am excited
that I finally dove in and am getting started.  Not sure I 
will ever sleep again as I feel like I want to learn it all 

So sorry Dad & Angi if I didn't seem like I was utilizing 
my present.  I am super thankful for it, step one for me 
was getting over the time & intimidation factor and I am 
finally ready to move on to step two, obsessing over this 
new awesomeness.  So thank you again, I LOVE it!!!