Monday, September 24, 2012

Running Around the Block

...takes 45 minutes. 

And it's really not very far.

Such is life with kids, that's half the fun!
We stop frequently.
 There are cool signs to read, like this.
It says "Weeds for sale! Cheap!"
 We talk about all the things we see as we go.
 If Norah climbs on something, Ava follows suit.
 I swear they both are just waiting for the other
to do something naughty to have an excuse to 
jump in.  Two little trouble makers...
 ...thick as thieves. 
 We run one way, we run back when we notice 
Norah is running the other direction...
 Ava helps wrangle her back in.
 She stops to examine things that fall from trees.
 Gathering them as she goes.
 Where is Norah???
 "You can't see me"
  Bumpy things need to be felt!
 This is a good spot to chill.
 Hide & seek again, she really makes it tough,
I will never find her! 
A drum!!
And we are off!

If you have 45 minutes someday, 
you should totally join us.
You won't get a bit of exercise, 
but you are guaranteed to have fun!


guzzi guy said...

This looks like fun!

viewfromdownhere said...

I'd totally join you guys!